Thursday, November 28, 2013

My trip to Turkey (by Andrea Fernández)

The week in Turkey was an amazing experience . I liked the organization of the whole week . We kept on all day and that was fun. I 'm glad I had the opportunity to visit the country because it was beautiful.

When we arrived in Istanbul on the first day I thought it would be a normal city, but I was surprised by all the sights of the city. The mosques, towers, lighting, the bridge, the Grand Bazaar, the streets, the people, the restaurants... everything in the city seemed so nice I didn’t want to leave. The following day we visited Istanbul on our own (the Catalan Team). In the afternoon we went to the airport to look for the other partners, we boarded on the bus and began our way to Balikesir. When we stopped for dinner we were out of town, but as we were coming to Balikesir I started to feel the nerves in my body... nerves ended when the bus pulled up and I saw my partner, Elif Beyza, with her parents and sister smiling at me, that reassured me. I took the suitcase and the father drove us all the way home, when I saw the house I was astonished because it was very big. That night I went to sleep because we arrived very late and I was tired. The next day routine began: breakfasts, which prepared the mother, were very good; the father would drive us to school; there we met with teachers and other Comenius students; hiking, walking through the woods or in the mountains; every day we did something different. It was fun because it was a journey full of experiences. I learned a lot about the Muslim culture and traditions, I liked being able to get along with my partner because she spoke very good English and we could communicate without problems. She and her family treated me very well, looked after me very lovingly, and worried for me too. I'm glad to have a Turkish friend and we still talk, keep in touch and hope to continue doing so. Despite being two very different cultures, we understood each other and behave like good sisters. Thank you for everything!

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