Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Catalan slogans

Short-listed slogans from the Catalan team:

  • Walking on the line life (Sergio Horrillo, Francesc García & Iván Avilés)
  • Do the walk of life  (Víctor Almagro & Alejandro García-Patos)
  • Keep calm and go hiking (Laura Márquez)

  • The way under your feet (Lidia Tapia)

All contributions:
  • Why don't we go hiking? (Marta Miño)
  • Live through the way you go (Montse Muntada)
  • Just faults you to make way (Daniel Portocarrero)
  • Let's go hiking!! (Samantha Soler)
  • Share nature, share friendship (Mónica Monclús)
  • Make your own way (Andrea Toret)
  • The way under your feet. Turkey (Lidia Tapia)
  • Have fun and do sport: hiking (Laia Pinteño)
  • Hiking improves your health (Andrea Pérez)
  • Live to the limit, walk, breath and be happy (Carolina Vázquez)
  • Follow your dreams Make your way (Judit Rosas)
  • Keep calm and go hiking (Laura Márquez)
  • Already we have the way, now only you are absent (Adrián Milena)
  • Find the rhythm, enjoy the hike (Miloud Mokhtari)
  • One way, one destiny, find it! (Iris Porras)
  • Nicest thing is not the destination, but it is the way and its adventures (David Sánchez)
  • You'll never walk alone (Marc Fernández & Jordi Cortés)
  • Hiking, a fun way to do exercise (Marc Fernández & Jordi Cortés)
  • Be healthy in life with nature (Jorge Cruz)
  • The heaven is the limit, overpass it! (Jorge Cruz)
  • Climbing to the top (Arnau Canalda)
  • Step by step, the route is done (Emma Cano & Sol Diéguez)
  • Hiking, the best complement for a healthy life (Emma Cano & Sol Diéguez)
  • Walking with the world (Natàlia González, Alba Hernández & Aurora Granados)
  • Walk and feel good about yourself! (Natàlia González, Alba Hernández & Aurora Granados)
  • We've never felt so alive walking together! (Víctor Almagro & Alejandro García-Patos)
  • Do the walk of life  (Víctor Almagro & Alejandro García-Patos)
  • Walking to life (Albert Lillo, Adrià Bracero & Víctor Flotats) 
  • Walking on the line life (Sergio Horrillo, Francesc García & Iván Avilés)
  • Walk together (Albert Lillo, Adrià Bracero & Víctor Flotats)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First Comenius Meeting in Dobrich (Bulgaria)

Here you have a couple of pictures of our first Comenius meeting in Dobrich (Bulgaria), which took place from the 5th to the 8th of September 2013.
We spent an awesome week thanks to the work and excellent hosting of the whole Bulgarian team.


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