Sunday, November 17, 2013

Movement in protected areas

In protected areas, visitors - tourists  must respect  these instructions:
  • move only along marked trails
  • camp only in selected  areas
  • don´t  let the fire outside the marked spaces
  • don´t drive through forest roads by vehicles
  • don´t pollute rivers washing vehicles and garbage
  • don´t  harm the brand, information and orientation signs
  • don´t pick up plants or damage trees
  • don´t disturb animals or damage birds nest
  • don´t disturb other visitors and animals  by noise
  • don´t disturb wildlife by using  artificial lighting
  • don´t  harm cave spaces, and karst rock formations
  • night hikes must be communicated to the Mountain Rescue Service Station
  • climbing activities may be carried out at selected locations

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