Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Memories from Turkey
by Dawid Giersz

      I'd like to tell you something about my visit to Balikesir. At the beginning of our stay, a group from every country made a presentation about their homeland. After it, we had lunch. We tasted ayran. It’s a special Turkish drink, which is made in such a way as if someone put water and salt into yoghurt. Some people from other countries rather didn’t like it :). After lunch our hosts showed us the city. We walked through the beautiful Ataturk park to the museum.

      Next place we visited was the biggest mosque in the city. There were carpets everywhere on the floor and I observed small areas with stairs to climb up. In those areas were bookcases and men could go there to read. Later, we had a rest and drank Turkish tea in small glasses.

      In the end, we saw the train station in the city and went home with our Turkish 'siblings'. The house where I stayed was more European than traditional Turkish one. Before coming in everybody had to put their shoes next to the door. The family was very kind to me. I even played tennis with my Turkish friend. I’m extremely happy I went there. It was a great experience and it’s impossible to say everything by words.

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