About the project

TOGETHER WE MAKE THE WAY is a Comenius Project carried out by 

The concrete objectives of the partnership in this project make reference to:

1. Practicing hiking and outdoor activities and knowing the benefits of hiking and trekking, such as controlling obesity, preventing heart diseases, improving the quality of the air we breathe and contributing to the students' own health and fitness in general;

2. Through practicing activities, understanding the possibilities offered by pathways, hiking trails or other outdoor activities and sharing the experience with the partner institutions and their local communities;

3. A better knowledge of the cultural environment of the partners’ countries through hiking activities;

4. Promoting activities in the field of intercultural education; fighting against prejudice and stereotypes about other nations and religions;

5. Improving the knowledge and the use of English as one of the official languages in the EU and as a vehicular language, motivating participants to learn and use foreign languages; 

6. The transnational training of teachers and staff, promoting innovation in teaching methods and materials, making students, school staff and local communities appreciate the great value of international school partnership;

7. Promotion of ICTs (information and communication technologies) with teaching/learning purposes, enhancing participants to learn and use their ICT skills;

As for subjects or problems to address, we will improve students’ self-confidence, as they will feel their personal strength and will understand that they are capable of doing other things. 

Besides the concrete objectives, each trip and each way proposed in the project might run into a few unexpected problem-solving situations (bad weather, bike breakdowns, people giving wrong directions, understanding/ speaking languages, etc). Leaders and staff will always be right there in any such situation and groups will work together to solve these unpredictable issues. Furthermore, teens are responsible for sharing their interests, listening to their trip-mates and participating in group decision-making. This process fosters leadership and positive teamwork.

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