Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The project "Together....we make the way" from the point of view of some crosscutting issues

Multicultural education 

Students of all ages are becoming increasingly common in private and public life exposure to different cultural influence and increasingly bring them into contact with members of other cultures. Therefore, it is necessary to be ready for these challenges and to be able to recognize, respect and promote various cultural anchors in your area. The aim of cross-cutting themes multicultural education is therefore education and educational work aimed at developing knowledge of various traditional and new cultures and subcultures, acceptance of cultural diversity as a social reality and the development of tolerance, respect and pro-social behavior and action in relation to cultural differences. Students get to know their culture and other cultures, history, customs and traditions of their representatives, shall respect the culture as equivalent to their members can communicate and cooperate constructively. The project "Together we make the way" is also education for tolerance to other nations and combating prejudices against other cultures and nations. Students are accommodated during the mobility of the host families (schools) and have the opportunity to personally meet customs, traditions, relationships and daily rituals of ordinary families. Students gain self-image as a normal family in another partner country to form your own opinion unencumbered superstitions and prejudices. They make their own judgment based on personal experience.

Sustainable environment 

The aim of cross-cutting themes sustainable environment is to contribute to the personal development of the pupil so that the knowledge, skills and abilities into the ability to understand, analyze and evaluate the relationship between man and his environment based on knowledge of the laws governing life on earth. The mission of the project "Together we make the way" is also to develop cooperation in the protection and creation of the environment at local, regional and international levels to promote a proactive approach to the creation and protection of the environment through practical training, foster a sense of responsibility in relation to living organisms and their environment, foster a sense of responsibility in relation to a healthy lifestyle and to perceive aesthetic values ​​of the environment, the ability to perceive and sensitive approach to nature and the natural and cultural heritage; deepen, develop and consolidate the value system in favor of proceeding to the environment.

Media Education

The project "Together .... we make the way "also affects media education as a cross-cutting theme and is an opportunity for students and teachers to develop the skills to apply strategies competent treatment of different types of media and their products and development capabilities meaningfully, critically and selectively use media and their products. The project is to present the preliminary results of the project at local and regional level through mass media. Students and teachers will be performing on radio and television, write articles about project activities undertaken in printed media.

The personal and social development. 

The project "Together ... we make the way "contribute to a comprehensive student personal growth and development of life skills. The application of this cross-cutting theme is creating an environment to promote individuality and self-confidence of the pupil on the one hand and the development of a sense of society based on equality and tolerance on the other. The purpose of the application of cross-cutting themes of personal and social development of pupils is directed towards understanding themselves and others, to the acquisition of positive attitudes toward themselves and others, to the management of their own behavior, to the formation of good interpersonal relationships in the classroom and beyond, to develop the basic skills of communication and cooperation, to acquire basic social skills to deal with different situations, the acceptance of different types of people, ideas, approaches to problem solving, application of the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle and non-risky behavior in everyday life.

The traffic education. 

The project "Together ... we make the way "addresses the issues of transport and logistics education. The role of traffic education in the project is to gradually prepare children for independent use of different types of vehicles. Students gain experience with air, train or bus and familiar at the same time the principles of the use of these modes in terms of safety.

Protection of life and health

The project "Together ... we make the way "also pays attention to the protection of human health and Protection of human life and its integrated health attitudes, knowledge and skills of students to protect the life and health in emergency situations. Similarly, when you stay and movement in nature, which may arise due to unforeseen factors threatening the man and his surroundings. The aim is to prepare each individual to live in an environment in which it is located. The prerequisite for this is constantly learning through movement and the outdoors. The content of cross-cutting theme Preserve life and health, among other things, is medical training and movement and stay in the nature. 

Regional Education

The project "Together ... we make the way“ gives space for the application of cross-cutting themes Regional Education. Through this cross-cutting theme are enabled pupils to create conditions for them to grow and develop feeling the beauty of their region, nature, architecture, folk art and exploring the cultural heritage of our ancestors. Educational activities in the project is targeted to students in regional education know the history and culture of their own village, town, as well as its flora and fauna, also understand the importance of conservation, forests, water, fauna and explore and get to know the natural beauty and attractions region where they live. Students and teachers in the project attending emblazoned with legends and mountains below.

Project creation and presentation skills

Cross-cutting theme develops pupils' competence so that they know - communicate, argue, use the information and work with them to solve problems, work in groups, presenting himself as well as group work. The objectives and content of cross-cutting theme is part of several subjects. The main objective is that students work through their own organizations learn to manage themselves, thereby, develop a schedule of their work, obtain the necessary information to process them, did you find the problems to be addressed, their proper name, form a hypothesis and check it out below . Through the project activities, the students learn how to present their work in writing and verbally, using information and communication technology.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The project "Together....we make the way“ from the point of view of drug prevention and effective spending leisure

The project "Together ...........we make the way” offers positive alternatives for leisure time and also information on the principles of effective leisure.

The issue – what is the best way of spending leisure time is very topical. Especially in children and adolescents recent developments leisure-time activities are not very positive. Young people are passive, they live consumer life style. Leisure and fulfilling by its positive activities plays an important role in shaping young people especially in the positive socialization and prevention of common and socially undesirable phenomena that pose significant health, social and economic risk. 

It is concerning the issue of violence, bullying, truancy, various drug addictions, alcoholism, smoking, crime, delinquency, vandalism, pathological gambling, as well as expressions of xenophobia, racism, intolerance and the like.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sports Dictionary English/Catalan/Spanish

Sports Dictionary Activity Instructions

AERIAL SPORTS (By Laura Ferrón, Ariadna Garcia and Adrià Goyanes)




AQUATIC AND NAUTICAL SPORTS (By Laura Albarracín and Pau Andrés):

BALL SPORTS (By Carmen Laso and Ferran Sagrera):

CYCLING (By Sarai Gámez and Anna Revelo):

GAMES (By Sarai Gámez and Anna Revelo):

GAMES (By Glòria Ambrojo and Andrea Garcia):




GYMNASTICS (By Rosa Martínez and Verónica Puerta):

HORSE RIDING (by Alexis Mengual and Adrià Montero):

MOTOR SPORTS (By Kevin Baquerizo, Álvaro Quispe and Sergiu Rudenco):

MOUNTAIN SPORTS (By Laura Ferrón, Ariadna Garcia and Adrià Goyanes):

OUTDOOR LEISURE (By Alexis Mengual and Adrià Montero):



RACKET SPORTS (By Marc González and Javi Núñez):

SPORTS FACILITIES (By Neus Cabeza and Janira Gómez):

SPORTS ON WHEELS (By Valeria Garcia):

WINTER SPORTS (By Dayana González and Carolina Lino):

[All images searched by looking for pictures labeled for reuse as stated in the Activity Instructions.]