Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My stay in Poland by Sandra Roig Chaves

My stay in Poland

My stay in Poland was amazing. I had never been anywhere in Spain, and taking 

a plane was a great feeling. At the beginning of the trip I was afraid of having 

to communicate with others in English, but it gradually became a normal thing, 

and I increased my vocabulary and my level of English. This surprised me a lot 

because being after 8-9 days I came back to Spain very satisfied with everything 

I had learned in English.

The day I met my partner was fantastic. At first it took us a while to 

communicate, but we gradually we began to talk, to get pictures, laugh ... 

And now we talk on facebook . In Poland I met many people from different 

countries, and with this I also learned some words in other languages ​​. But not

only did I make friend with people from other countries, but also have made 

friends with some students and teachers of my high school.

One very interesting thing I learned in Poland was the country's history, wars 

that were, concentration camps ... And I had the opportunity to take a picture of 

me with a tank of the war.

I liked a lot the activities that we did in Poland I liked a lot, hiking, Nordic 

walking, career guidance...

The days with only six teachers and students outside Torun were very funny. We 

went shopping, sightseeing, eating at restaurants and fast food places, and we 

did a lot of funny activities.

This trip has been so amazing that I will never forget, and I recommend it to 

anyone who wants to learn the language and culture of other countries, and 

even people who are not the angles are very woman well, because this is a fun

Dictionaries by Marta Rovná

Link here.

Pictures from the meeting in Toruń

Pictures from the meeting in Toruń


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