Monday, December 2, 2013

My week in Turkey (by Óscar Murillo)

My week in Turkey

In my stay in Turkey I had a really good time. After arriving to the airport in Istanbul we went to the hostel in a van. The hostel was so comfortable, I liked it. In the evening we went to visit Istanbul and its most famous buildings like Blue Mosque, Galata Tower or Hagia Sofia, those buildings are beautiful.  At night we went to a bar and we drank tea or juice. The following day we went to the Grand Bazaar, it’s so big! But before we went to visit the University. After that, we returned to the Grand Bazaar, here I bought a lot of things. At night we went to Balikesir, the trip was so tiring. My partner was very nice. On the following day we went to the school and we did the presentation and we walked around Balikesir.  On Wednesday we went on a trip to a mountain, it was beautiful.  In the evening we went to a restaurant. On Thursday we had a picnic; after that we went to a town near the sea and we drank tea. On Friday we did normal class with our partners and in the afternoon we went to play basketball. That night we returned to Istanbul, the trip was at night and we couldn’t sleep. On Sunday morning we arrived to Istanbul, we had breakfast in a café then we went to see the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia. At midday we lunch and we said goodbye to the Bulgarian people. In the afternoon we went shopping and returned to the hostel. The following day in the morning the principal came to wake us up because we were sleeping when we had to be in the living room.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The week in Turkey was amazing. I will never forget this exchange.

I got to know different culture and habits. For example, a novelty for me was taking off shoes next to the door of the house. In Poland we enter to house in shoes. I was first time of my live in mosques and it made a big impression on me. I tasted a lot of new, traditional Turkish dishes. I tried to taste everything. People in Turkey eat everything very sweet with nuts. A great thing was that we went to the  mountains and a short time after that  we were by the sea. In my country it is impossible. All people were really friendly and polite. Despite the difference in age I have a very good contact with my partner - Feride Zeynep. Lessons in Turkey looked so different than in Poland. Students wait for the teacher in a class room and they have all lessons in one class room. When we were in the school all students wanted to meet us but we didn't have so much time. On the last day we  were in Istambul. It is a beautiful city.

 It was a great trip and it’s impossible to say everything by words. I will remember all days and new friends from all countries.  I hope we will spend a  great time in Poland like in Turkey.  Thank you for everything!