Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hiking in German Language

Farewell party by Sara Gómez

The last day the teachers organized a party in a big room. There was music and a lot of food which the families had prepared for us. There were traditional food, for example, boiled potatoes or cheese rolls. There were a lot of types of desserts too.
Every group took photos before eating and dancing.
There was a lot of kind of music, for example, Spanish and Bulgarian.
It was a fantastic night. We had a great time. Finally we had to say goodbye to that people and  it was very difficult and sad because we were very comfortable there.

Cluj-Napoca by Sílvia Pérez

The first day, we arrived at Cluj-Napoca aeroport. We sleep in the hotel. At the next morning, we went to the centre of Cluj-Napoca and we dropped our bags at the hostel.
After we went to visit the city. First, we saw the monument of the anticommunist resistence. Then we walked to a museum but it was closed.
Was lunchtime and we went to a restaurant. After lunch, we visited the most important square of Cluj-Napoca, in which there a very large statue.
At the afternoon we visited monuments of the city and we went to kids concert and we dinner tipical food of diferent countries.
The next day, at the morning, we went to the square. There we played football and ate something of food.
After, we went to lunch and we visited other place of the city.
That afternoon we us went to Cluj-Napoca and went to Remetea.
Cluj-Napoca is a beautiful city, I like it, more than I expected. I was surprised with this city.

Oradea by Helena Flo

On the 4th day of the meeting, we went to Oradea. There we saw a few ponds full of water with flowers, frogs and turtles. That site was called Baile Felix. Later we went to visit the city, gave a few turns and took photos with some statues he had there in a square. One of the most important churches was one I had as a moon in the upper part and it was according to the phases of the Moon, is the only church is everyone who has a moon. Then we gather everyone up to the coach. This led to a very large and very nice monastery. Later we went to eat at a restaurant, the food was very good: soup, chiken  and potatoes. I was liked all the food. For dessert they put us a very rich chocolate tart. When everyone had already finished eating, took us 2 hours to a mall to buy there what we would like. The day was great and made us good weather. The truth is that this trip to was a great experience and a memory that I will not forget.

The Bear Cave by Oriol Pueyo

We came to this cave located near the village Chiscau-Pieroasa in one of the tours we took on our trip.
Bears hid here, more than 15,000 years ago. It is said that the rock cave entrance was blocked and more than 140 bears were locked inside. Without food and water they killed each other until they all died.
The guide told us that the cave was discovered in 1975 and after 5 years the cave began to be used as a tourist destination. It has more than 1500 meters, and features 2 floors for tourists and another floor for the researchers. There are more than 1500 pieces of bone, and over 140 skulls on the walls of the caves there. There are scratches left by the paws of bears.
In the cave we could also observe countless statues forming stalactites and stalagmites. It was quite cold and wet.
Outside we saw a market for local handicrafts.

Hiking Activities by Pau Recort

In the Comenius trip we did a lot of hiking activities. For example, we did a short walk in to the town, Cluj, to visit some monuments, squares and buildings. Also, we walked to a museum, but we had a problem, it was closed that day. On Wednesday we did a short hiking in the mountain to the Meziad cave, it was so nice. OnThursday we did another walk, longer than the others, to the Padis Mountains, it was so good. In Padis Mountains we saw another beautiful cave but it was dangerous and people could not enter. Also, we went to Oradea to walk around it and visit it. On the last day, Saturday, we walked to the bears cave; it was so beautiful and it had some bones and animals corpses. All activities were interesting.