Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The project "Together....we make the way“ from the point of view of drug prevention and effective spending leisure

The project "Together ...........we make the way” offers positive alternatives for leisure time and also information on the principles of effective leisure.

The issue – what is the best way of spending leisure time is very topical. Especially in children and adolescents recent developments leisure-time activities are not very positive. Young people are passive, they live consumer life style. Leisure and fulfilling by its positive activities plays an important role in shaping young people especially in the positive socialization and prevention of common and socially undesirable phenomena that pose significant health, social and economic risk. 

It is concerning the issue of violence, bullying, truancy, various drug addictions, alcoholism, smoking, crime, delinquency, vandalism, pathological gambling, as well as expressions of xenophobia, racism, intolerance and the like.

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