Monday, March 17, 2014

The project " Together....... we make the way" from the point of view of enhanced language training students

The project "Together we make the way" offers tremendous scope for improving communication skills of students in the English language, but also provides space for exploring the native languages ​​of the partner schools.

The general objective of teaching foreign languages ​​through this international project funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme - Comenius subprogram is designed to stimulate pupils' interest in foreign languages​​,create a basis for further language learning, students develop communication competence in the mother tongue and foreign, to promote all-round development of students: cognitive (the ability to train students to perceive and remember, systematic language practice activities receptive and productive manner), social, emotional, personal, develop intercultural competence, to develop all language activities: listening comprehension, speaking, gradually inserted reading comprehension and writing, use of cross-curricular.

In terms of social objectives we expect among pupils in particular these benefits of the project: a student learns to accept himself as part of the group, will be able to apply mutual consideration, meaningful work with a partner, accept belonging to the group, deliberately extended phase concentration and participating time at the language activities, also to help teach another, encourage them, will be able to recognize and accept joint responsibility, accept the majority decision, know to adapt and flourish, borrow something, ask for something, apologize, recognize and accept mistakes ; learn to tolerate lost, take responsibility for themselves.

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