Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Comenius experience in Turkey (by Marc Galé)

The experience was amazing, we discovered new cultures and traditions and some typical Turkish food too. You can also make new friends from different countries. Staying in a foreign home isn’t so embarrassing like someone can think; it’s a beautiful experience and you can also practise your English.
We did two excursions there and the landscapes were incredibly awesome. In one of them we did a barbeque, it was a bit different that the concept that we have from barbeques here, but it was fine too.
Not all the days were for hiking, we also went sightseeing. In Balikeshir we visited an emblematic tower clock and a museum from the Turkish hero. In Istanbul we visited many Mosques, the most known like The Blue Mosque or Santa Sophia and some smaller ones, we also visited Galata Tower, Topkapi Palace and more sites.

I recommend the Comenius experience for everyone who wants to live a great experience abroad.

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