Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My stay in Italy by...

My stay in Italy was amazing! The thirteenth of October I travelled to Italy in a plane, with six classmates and three teachers of our high school. We participated in a project called Comenius. Comenius is a hiking project and was in English. It was the first time I travelled to a plane, but it was a good moment. We arrived to Venecia and we went to the Hotel. This day was one of my favourites because we visited the city of Venecia and was amazing! It’s incredible and very pretty! This night we had dinner in a restaurant, and was very expensive but the pizza was very good. The next day we went to Tregnago, to met our families. In this day I was very nervous but the family was very friendly. My partner it’s very nice and I talk with her now, with Facebook or with Whatsaap. We did differents walks.The Wednesday we did a short walk and we saw “Trabucaires”. Was exciting! . On Thursday we did the most long walk and the landscape was very beautiful. On Friday we went to Venecia again and I bought some presents for my family and my friends. On Saturday we went to Verona, and we visited monuments, like the house of Julieta and the “arena of Verona”. Was very nice. Sunday was the last day, and I was very sad. All the family and me cried. This travel was so amazing that I will never forget, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the lenguage and culture of other countries. I met incredibles persons, italians or of other countries, and I was funny with my classmates too. I learned to speak better English and I took many photos. I love Italy! by Marina Sendino 

2 weeks ago Daniel Gonzalez (2nd A), Marina Sendino (2nd A), Carmen Piñero (2ndB), Mireia Palomo (2nd C), Lidia Villaverde (2nd B) and me (Jordi Fernández 2nd B) were in Italy. We did trekking activities and Italian culture activities. The first day we we went to Venice and we had walk a lot. We saw the San Marco’s cathedral, the canals… In the night we ate pizza in a restaurant. The second day we went to Badia Calavena, the town we are installed, and we meet with our partners. The third day we visited our partners school and in the evening we have an excursion in a mountain. In the mountain were a “trabucaires”, we saw how to shoot the “trabuc”. The fourth day we did the large excursion in Dolomits mountains . We saw a lots of beautifuls views and we also saw the Alps. In the mountain we were this day was more of 1000 meters hight. The fiveth day we return to Venice  and we bought a lot of souvenirs for our families. The sixth day we play palatutto in our partners school. Palatutto is a play similar than voleyball, but in palatutto yo can hit the ball with all the parts of your body. And in the evening we went to Verona and we visit Verona. We saw the Verona’s roman circus, the Juliet’s house …
The last day wesayed by to our partners and we went to the airport. We return to Barcelona without forwards. By Jordi Fernández Gelis

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