Thursday, November 6, 2014

A report from Poland

Comenius, Together... We make the way!

Report from Italy!

From 13.10.2014 to 19.10.2014 five students and two teachers from our school went to Italy.

On Monday we came by plane to Bergamo. Unfortunely, it was raining, but we had umbrellas so sightseeing was possible. We ate real Italian pizzas, saw many beautiful building and what was the best for everyone - breathtaking Old Town on the hill! Next we went to Trenago. It is a small town which is situated close to Verona. Our families live there. They welcomed us warmly. Before that we ate lunch in a luxurious restaurant. Then, we went for a walk round the town. On Wednesday, majority of members of this project were trekking on Badia' hills. When we were on the top, there were two men and they showed us a very noisy utensil and told us some interesting information about the region. On Thursday we went hiking in the mountains. The view enchanted us because there were so many valleys, colorful trees, even we met a chamois. That day was hard and everybody just wanted to be in a bed as soon as possible. The next day should be the biggest tourist attraction, but we were a bit disappointed. Venice turned out not charming. The reason is that many buildings need renovation and only the main squares are impressive. We visited Strada Nuova, Ponte di Rialto, San Marco and others. On Saturday we had some lessons at school. Then every country had to plant a tree as a symbol of union. After lunch we went to Verona. We visited Castek Vecchio, Piazza Erbe, Ponte Pietra and Balcone di Giuletta. We had 2 hours of free time there so some people did shopping, the others visited more places. We had a great time. This city will be always in our heart.

Unfortunately, on Sunday we had to come back to Poland. In the end we saw Verona's panorama. The journey was exhausting. We counted our means of transport and the number is shocking- 9 changes! But I have to admit, this adventure was worth it.
Dominika Lasek

And these are some photos from our visit in Italy:

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