Thursday, July 3, 2014

Oradea by Helena Flo

On the 4th day of the meeting, we went to Oradea. There we saw a few ponds full of water with flowers, frogs and turtles. That site was called Baile Felix. Later we went to visit the city, gave a few turns and took photos with some statues he had there in a square. One of the most important churches was one I had as a moon in the upper part and it was according to the phases of the Moon, is the only church is everyone who has a moon. Then we gather everyone up to the coach. This led to a very large and very nice monastery. Later we went to eat at a restaurant, the food was very good: soup, chiken  and potatoes. I was liked all the food. For dessert they put us a very rich chocolate tart. When everyone had already finished eating, took us 2 hours to a mall to buy there what we would like. The day was great and made us good weather. The truth is that this trip to was a great experience and a memory that I will not forget.

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