Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cluj-Napoca by Sílvia Pérez

The first day, we arrived at Cluj-Napoca aeroport. We sleep in the hotel. At the next morning, we went to the centre of Cluj-Napoca and we dropped our bags at the hostel.
After we went to visit the city. First, we saw the monument of the anticommunist resistence. Then we walked to a museum but it was closed.
Was lunchtime and we went to a restaurant. After lunch, we visited the most important square of Cluj-Napoca, in which there a very large statue.
At the afternoon we visited monuments of the city and we went to kids concert and we dinner tipical food of diferent countries.
The next day, at the morning, we went to the square. There we played football and ate something of food.
After, we went to lunch and we visited other place of the city.
That afternoon we us went to Cluj-Napoca and went to Remetea.
Cluj-Napoca is a beautiful city, I like it, more than I expected. I was surprised with this city.

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